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This section provides detailed information for applicants wishing to apply for Casino Game Approval. It covers Applicants, who should apply for a casino game approval, what we expect from applicants, how to apply, and our expectations of Casino Game Approval Holders.

Applicants for Casino Game Approval

Under Part VII, section 46 of the Law Regulating the Establishment, Operation, Function, Supervision and Control of Casinos and Related Matters of 2015 (Law), the Commission must approve all casino games used in the Republic of Cyprus Integrated Casino Resort (ICR).

Regulation 24(1) of the Casino Operations and Control (General) Regulations of 2016 (Regulations) provides that the ICR operator shall not conduct a casino game or operate a gaming machine at the casino prior to the Commission’s approval of the casino game or gaming machines, the rules of the casino game, the procedures, the rules for wagers and pay-out of winning wagers.

To be eligible to operate a casino game in the ICR, the ICR operator must therefore submit the casino game for approval of the Commission. The Casino Games Approval application form should be used for approval of casino games, table games, electronic table games and games played on gaming machines proposed to be operated in the ICR.

Note that despite any approval given by the Commission, the Commission reserves the right under Section 46(3) of the Law to revoke the approval for operation of a casino game in the casino upon notice to the ICR operator.

Who should apply for a casino game approval?

The ICR operator should apply for a casino game approval by completing and submitting a separate form for each casino game for which approval is sought with the exception of games played on a gaming machine where approval for all the games provided on the gaming machine may covered by a single application.

What the Commission expects from applicants for approval.

Applicants must:

  • be able to demonstrate that the casino games can meet the requirements of the Law and Regulations
  • be able to demonstrate that the casino games can meet the Commission’s requirementsbe able to demonstrate that the casino games can meet the Commission’s requirements ensure that the operation of the casino games proposed to be used minimises the risks to the licensing objectives
  • work with the Commission in an open and cooperative way, and disclose to the Commission anything which the Commission would reasonably expect to know.
For every application, the Commission may:
  • grant approval
  • limit the scope of approval with conditions, or
  • refuse approval where there are reasons to do so.
How to apply

If you wish to apply for a Casino Game Approval you must:

Casino Game Approval holders

Casino game approval holders should familiarise themselves with the Casino Operations and Control (General) Regulations of 2016, Part VII, section 24.

No games may be made available to play in the casino unless they are approved by the Commission and are offered on gaming equipment for which a gaming equipment licence has been issued by the Commission.

No modifications to the game rules, permitted wagers or payout ratios approved under this licence, or revisions or updates of any gaming equipment used to play the game may be made without prior notification to and approval by the Commission.

The Commission reserves the right under Part VII section 46(2) of the Law to make regulations governing permitted odds, wagers and the pay out ratios of any casino game to ensure continued game integrity and protection of the public interest. In such cases, ICR operator must make such modifications to the casino game within the time period imposed by the Commission. For gaming machines, the Commission further requires a test report that confirms that the modified game complies with the technical standards prior to the time the modified game is used in the ICR.

What the Commission expects with respect to operation of the casino games in the ICR:

The Commission expects that the casino games will be operated in a way that does not put the licensing objectives at risk. It expects that those casino games will:

  • comply with the Law and Regulations, and
  • be approved by the Commission.