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Complaints - Casino
The Commission
Complaints Handling Procedure
  1. This section provides information about Commission’s handling of Complaints procedure. The Commission is responsible for the supervision of the operation of the casinos licensed to Integrated Casino Resorts Cyprus Ltd, the persons responsible for the same and the conduct of gaming in it.  As such, it is authorized to (a) receive and investigate complaints from casino customers concerning the conduct of gaming in the temporary casino, the integrated casino resort (ICR) and the satellite casinos (collectively “casinos”) and (b) act as an arbitrator for any unresolved disputes in relation to alleged winnings or losses and/or the manner in which a game is conducted.
  2. The Commission has no jurisdiction to investigate complaints that may be concerned with non- gaming related aspects of the operator’s business or non- gaming facilities offered at the casinos, for example, the quality of the food or service in the restaurant or parking availability. It also has no jurisdiction to investigate any complaint in relation to an online casino or online betting services as the jurisdiction of the Commission is solely to regulate and supervise land- based casino gaming in Cyprus.
  3. How the Commission handles a complaint depends on the nature of the complaint. For most of the complaints received, the Commission expects the complainant to have first raised their concerns with the operator and follow the operator’s complaints and disputes procedure. The exception to this may be concerns relating to operator’s running of the casino business.
  4. Τhe Commission notifies the complainant of its decision within 30 days from the submission of the complaint. If it is deemed necessary to extend complaint’s investigations, the complainant is informed accordingly.
Language of submission of complaints
  1. All complaints required to be made to the Commission in writing either in English or Greek. 
Anonymous Complaints
  1. The Commission accepts anonymous complaints in written form only.
Data processing
  1. In investigating complaints, the Commission normally requires information from both parties (complainant and operator) and may need to share information, provided by the complainant, with the operator. The Commission takes necessary measures to proceed with legal processing of the information under the General Data Protection Regulation, EU 2016/679.
Types of complaints
  1. There are three (3) main subsets of complaints that the Commission is likely to receive and may investigate. These can be described as a general complaint, a dispute, or a concern. 
  2. A general complaint is normally about services received in relation to the gaming facilities offered or matters not directly related to the outcome of a casino game whether it be a table game, or a game played on a slot machine. For, example a general complaint may be about ID verification, Loyalty/Reward Scheme offered by the casino, Self-Exclusion/time out, availability of unapproved games, conduct of a casino employee or casino key employee etc.
  3. Disputes specifically relate to the outcome of a casino customer’s gambling transaction and usually include for example complaints about fairness of the game, outcome of the game, winnings paid, losses, bonuses and side bets, return to player etc.
  4. Concerns are complaints about how the operator may be running its business and may suggest possible breaches of their license conditions, non- compliance with the Law, Regulations or Directions or cast doubt on the operator’s continued suitability. They may include concerns about money laundering, underage access or responsible gaming issues, illegal or criminal activity within the casino, content of advertisements or promotions and accessibility to same, cheating, collusion etc.
  5. You can submit the Complaints Form as following: 
  • by downloading the relevant “Complaints Form” which is uploaded on Commission’s website, complete and email it at; or
  • through Commission’s website at; or
  • by post at: 3 Thaleias Str, 1st  Floor, 3011 Limassol, Cyprus  or
  • by hand at: 3 Thaleias Str, 1st Floor, 3011 Limassol, Cyprus  

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