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The Law - Casino


This is a list of the key gambling legislation in the Republic of Cyprus:


Casino Gambling

Cyprus Casino Operations and Control Law - sets out framework for legalisation of one land based integrated casino resort and four satellite casinos in different districts and establishment of Cyprus Gaming Commission as the casino gaming regulator.

Casino Operation and Control Law (General) Regulation 2016 - provides further detail on regulation of the legalised casinos.

Advertising Standards Code- sets out Commission requirements for the advertising and promotion of casino gambling.

Advertising and Promotions Direction- sets out Commission directions for the advertising and promotion of casino gambling.




Betting Law 2012, No. 106(i) 2012 - establishes the main framework for betting operations in the Republic of Cyprus through land based and remote platforms. This Law also outlaws betting exchanges and online casino operations.




The Lotteries Law 1983 -  sets out the formation and framework of the National Lottery. The law also prohibits private lotteries, with some limited exceptions.


The Government Lotteries Regulations 1983 - set out further details and specifics in regulation and operation  of the National Lottery.




Law No. 48 of 1973, as amended by Law No. 23 of 1976, Law No. 28(i) of 1999 and Law No. 162 of 2007 – regulate horserace betting in Cyprus.