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Licensee - General - Casino

This section provides information on our Licensing principles, our Applications and Investigation fees, who should apply for a licence, what we expect from licence applicants, how applications are assessed, how to apply and our expectations of licence holders.

Licensing principles

Licensees should ensure they are familiar with the Commission’s licensing principles, which were approved by the Commission Members in March 2018.

The Commission requires licensees or prospective licensees to engage with the Commission in an open and co-operative way and disclose matters which the Commission would reasonably expect to know. A licensee’s or prospective licensee’s failure to work in an open and co-operative way will be considered as an adverse factor and may result in an application rejection or a licence revocation. Licence applicants should provide the information the Commission needs to exercise its functions. Specifically, the Commission will wish to engage with applicants who are:

  • of the highest moral and professional standards
  • of a sound and stable financial background, and
  • have, where relevant, sufficient business acumen.

Once a licence has been granted, licensees must conduct themselves in a professional and honest manner, notifying the Commission of any issues or potential issue, as soon as they arise. Please read all the relevant information provided on this section of the website. If you have any concerns or questions, email our Licensing team at: or telephone: 00357 25 57 38 10

Application and investigation fees

The Casino Operations and Control Law 2015 and the Casino and Operations and Control Law (General) Regulations 2016 allow the Commission to charge fees for submission of applications and if required an investigation fee.