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Mission and vision - Casino
The Commission
Mission and vision

The Commission established its mission and vision statement soon after it became operational. Both of these statements help guide the Commission’s purpose and priorities:

Our mission

To ensure that casino gaming is safe, fair and honest and the potential harm to society, minors and vulnerable groups is understood and managed.

Our vision

Over the next four years we aim to ensure that:

  • the temporary and satellites casinos operate lawfully
  • our framework of principles, policies, procedures and operational capabilities are established and migrate to the ICR
  • licensees meet their obligations and are identifying and managing risk
  • licensees have continual regard to their customers’ welfare
  • people making decisions to play casino games are well-informed
  • we are effectively engaged with our principal partners
  • we have the confidence of our stakeholders.

To deliver our vision, we have five priorities

  • to establish effective governance and operating arrangements
  • to establish the necessary policy, standards and operational capabilities to ensure that (a) temporary and satellites casinos and (b) the ICR are initiated and operated as intended by law and to provide clear, fair and practical guidance to licensees in areas not addressed or not clear in the law and regulations
  • to ensure that the casino operator demonstrates its commitment to the welfare of its customers
  • to ensure information provided to the public is accurate and informs decisions about casino gaming
  • to be evidence-based in our activity and in developing policies and to create professional relationships with licensees, regulators and agencies to manage the risk of gambling-related harm.

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Who we are

The Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission (the Commission) was set up under the Cyprus Casino Control Law 2015 and related Regulations.

Our strategy

In November 2017 the first Commission Development plan (the Plan) identifying key elements to support an efficiently managed approach to design and implementation of the stages was discussed and was agreed at the Members’ meeting in January 2018.