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Our priorities - Casino

Our priorities

Establishing effective governance and management arrangements Ensuring the temporary and satellite casinos operate lawfully and the ICR can be licensed Using and providing accurate information to increase knowledge and assist decisions Being evidence-led to minimise the risks of gambling related harm
Establish the Commission’s governance framework and management arrangements Establish capabilities for
• licensing
• compliance
• investigations
• policy development
Collect and use information lawfully and efficiently to inform decisions exploiting technology opportunities Develop the Commission’s Responsible Gaming (RG) plan based upon a risk assessment and the extent of problem gambling
Secure finance and infrastructure to deliver immediate and medium-term activity Delivery through effective individual and teamwork activity Provide information to the public and stakeholders to:
• provide information about the nature and risks of gambling
• explain the work of the Commission
• manage the Commission’s image and reputation
Engage with the operator to develop and implement their RG programme
Staff supported by personnel and organisational policies and procedures Engage the ICR licensee to achieve compliance and effective risk management Ensure the operator continuously informs consumer choice with accurate, accessible and relevant information Establish national and international collaborations to inform RG priorities and actions plans to minimise problem gambling risks
Recruit/contract key staff to meet immediate and medium-term requirements Develop regulatory risk assessment methodology to inform;
• operational priorities
• medium term planning
Codify and apply advertising and promotion standards for the ICR Support action to prevent and deter unlawful activity:
• within the licensed casino
• by the ICR licensee
• by other licensees
• by unlicensed casino gaming and unlicensed junkets
• by advertisers and promoters
Engage with other regulators to identify best practice Develop Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CTF) risk assessment to inform
• priority supervision activity
• casino direction