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Role of the Commission - Casino

Primary responsibilities

The role of the Commission

  • assess applicants, collect application fees and licence a suitable operator, casino employees, casino key employees, junket operators, junket representatives and gaming suppliers
  • issue the casino resort license to the successful candidate
  • ensure that the management and operation of the casino are carried out by individuals who are suitable and are free from criminal influence or exploitation
  • ensure the operator complies with its obligations under the terms of the casino resort licence
  • make sure that gaming in the casino is conducted honestly
  • exercise disciplinary powers including imposing sanctions, fines and penalties where necessary
  • liaise with responsible gaming organizations to protect young people, vulnerable groups and the general public from the negative effects of casino gaming and implement appropriate protective measures
  • conduct studies at regular intervals in consultation with the public and organized groups on the impact of casino gaming on young persons, vulnerable groups and the general public and submit suggestions for obtaining protection measures
  • advise the Minister for Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism on policy issues relating to the supervision and inspection of the casino
  • investigate complaints from casino customers and decide on disputes arising between the casino resort operator and casino customers
  • search and inspect, test, and approve gaming equipment and chips used in the casino
  • audit the casino’s financial records
  • prepare reports on the operation of the casino and gaming within it for the attention of the Minister, when it considers it necessary or when the Minister so requests.