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Responsible gaming - Casino

Responsible Gaming

Our commitment

The terms ‘gambling’ and ‘gaming’ are often used as meaning the same. It is important that our use of language is clear. The Cyprus Casino Control Law of 2015 (the Law) states the function of the Commission is to regulate casino gaming. ‘Casino gaming’ or ‘casino game’ means a game of chance or chance and skill played in the casino with cards, dice, equipment or machines for money or money’s worth. The Law also refers to ‘gambling’. It is the Commission’s responsibility to focus upon the conduct of casino gaming, and any reference to ‘gambling’ is a collective term meaning casino gaming and other forms of gambling not regulated by the Commission.

When we use the term ‘responsible gaming’ or ‘responsible gambling’ we mean that people are aware of their personal circumstances, the risks involved and are capable of managing their casino gaming or other gambling behaviours. We recognise that problems can arise from a person’s uncontrolled involvement with one or more forms of gambling. Whilst most people can enjoy casino gaming in a self-controlled way, aware of the possible negative effects that can arise, some people may have difficulty in making informed decisions because of their age, personal, social or family circumstances, whilst others may have more complex mental, health, psychological , learning problems and/or be affected by substance, drugs or alcohol abuse.

We recognise that alone or together these factors may mean that some people can become vulnerable to uncontrolled or excessive casino gaming or other forms of gambling and as a consequence can develop problematic gambling behaviours.

Gambling-related harm not only disrupts or damages an individual’s personal and work life but its effects can create or worsen already existing difficulties for their families, friends or colleagues. Problem gambling can also be considered in association with a range of health, psychological and social problems that potentially involve public services such as public health, education and crime.

We believe that casino customers, potential customers and those with responsibilities for underage age and vulnerable people should have access to information that helps them to make informed choices about their gaming and wider gambling choices.

It is our aim to ensure that players and those responsible for others:

  • find it easy to understand the types of casino games they are engaged with
  • understand the risks associated with casino gaming and gambling in general
  • are aware of their rights to be treated fairly and to make complaints
  • know where to seek help and support if their gaming begins or has become problematic

Our approach is to:

  • identify the main risks of casino gaming
  • provide relevant and clear information
  • ensure the responsible advertising and promotion of the casino and
  • support the actions of other government or non-government agencies that align with the Commission’s and the National Strategy for harm-minimisation through prevention, intervention and treatment

The casino operator has a clear responsibility to minimise gambling-related harm. We will work with the casino operator to ensure that commitments to their responsible gaming plans are met. We expect the casino to be able to demonstrate its commitment to the welfare of its customers as stated in their plan and also defined in the Law and Regulations and will hold those in senior roles to account should they fail to do so.

We are developing our Responsible Gaming Strategy and action plans, a priority of which is to build our knowledge and that of others, as to the causes of gambling-related harm and approaches to prevent it by minimising the risks and where it already exists, reduce it. We are aware that casino gaming is not the only type of gambling that can cause harm and some people will gamble in more than one way (for example, engage in both casino gaming and sports betting). We recognise that it is important that we work with the National Betting Authority and others, drawing on national and international expertise to contribute to a national approach that sees participants working together whilst taking responsibility for delivering their own initiatives, in the context of preventing the potential erosion of society and minimising the risk of any gambling-related harm.

We are always mindful of the confidentiality of personal information but believe that the sharing of information and knowledge about effective approaches, both within Cyprus and in other countries, will be a vitally important part of ensuring that gambling can be enjoyed safely with negative effects reduced over time.

You can view and download our Responsible Gaming Action Plan.