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What is casino gaming?

There are usually two kinds of games available to casino clients: gaming machines and table games.

Please note that online casino gaming is not legal within the Republic of Cyprus.

A casino is the building or area within a building approved by the Commission to play casino table games and where gaming machines are available to play.

The role of the Commission

This section provides background to gaming regulation in the Republic of Cyprus and the role of the Cyprus Gaming Commission.

The Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission, known as the Cyprus Gaming Commission (the Commission) was established in 2015, under the Cyprus Casino Control Law and related Regulations.

In 2012, the Republic legalised online and offline sports betting. Under the Betting Law 2012, the National Betting Authority (NBA) was established. The NBA is responsible for examining applications, and licensing, auditing and supervising prospective betting shops and online betting operators.

The Cyprus Casino Control Law 2015 provided for a licence to be granted to a single operator to develop an Integrated Casino Resort and four smaller ‘satellite’ casinos. The licence was awarded to Melco Resorts.

Ahead of the ICR opening the casino operator has permission to provide casino facilities at a temporary casino in Limassol. This opened on the 28 June 2018 and will close when ICR opens, which is expected to be in early 2021. These are the only lawful and regulated casino operations in Cyprus.

The Commission has a number of primary responsibilities.

What is an ICR?

An Integrated Casino Resort (ICR) traditionally brings together a high quality hotel with a casino, convention centre, entertainment shows, theme parks, luxury retail and fine dining.

Temporary casino and satellite casinos

Until the ICR opens, the licence awarded to Melco Resorts allows for the operation of a temporary casino in Limassol, as well as four satellite casinos in Nicosia, Larnaca, the free Famagusta area and Paphos. The temporary casino will close on the day on which the ICR formally opens. The satellite casinos will remain open after the ICR has opened.

Complaints and disputes


Leaflets are available within the temporary casino, and will be available within the ICR for customers who wish to make a complaint.

From time to time, disputes will arise between the temporary casino (later the ICR) and a casino customer. Full information on how to make a complaint is available at the temporary casino/ICR in and anyone wishing to make a complaint should read this information carefully.

In summary:

  • customers can make their complaint at the Loyalty Booths within the casino or to any senior member of staff
  • upon receipt of a complaint the temporary casino or ICR will activate its Internal Complaints Handling Procedure
  • if necessary, the complaint will be escalated to a more senior manager. This may involve conferring with Surveillance to review camera visual images and information
  • the temporary casino/ICR will try to resolve the complaint within seven days, depending on the complexity of the complaint
  • if the complaint is not resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, then the customer must be given the Complaints and Disputes Form and a copy of the Disputes Resolution leaflet
  • the customer must complete the internal dispute resolution process before the Commission is contacted
  • if the dispute remains unresolved seven days after the complaint was made or the customer is not satisfied with the temporary casino/ICR’s decision, the temporary casino/ICR will inform the Commission of the complaint
  • the Commission will carry out its own investigation of the dispute
  • this will require the customer to provide the Commission with all the necessary information relating to the dispute, including any steps taken to resolve the matter. The complainant will need to send any material or evidence in support of their claim within seven days to:
  • following its investigation, the Commission will rule on the dispute and will decide whether or not payment is required as part of its resolution. The Commission will notify both the complainant and the ICR of its ruling
  • provided the temporary casino/ICR accepts the Commission’s decision, the temporary casino/ICR will try to make payment to the customer within 30 days of the Commission’s decision
  • if the temporary casino/ICR fails to agree with the Commission’s decision, both the temporary casino/ICR have a right to appeal within competent court of the Republic of Cyprus
  • if the temporary casino/ICR and the customer fail to agree with the Commission’s decision, both parties have the right to appeal in a competent court of the Republic of Cyprus.

The Commission has also produced information for anyone – an employee, former employee or member of an organisation – wishing to report misconduct to people or organisations that can take corrective action. This is important because whistleblowers may be ostracised by their co-workers, discriminated against by future employers, or even fired from their organisation.

How to control your gambling

Information that will help you spot the signs of whether you – or someone you know – have a problem with gaming.